Board of Civil Authority

The BCA consists of the Selectboard and Justices of the Peace.  The Justices, elected on General Election Day in November, have the responsibilities of marrying people, hearing tax appeals, delegating election officials and approving additions to, and deletions from, the checklist.


The Board of Civil Authority meets before each election to add or delete names from the voter checklist, and as necessary to hear appeals of the results of grievance hearings.




Paul Jansen                      2018       524-3780

Deb Woodward                 2018       527-1781 

Gilles Rainville                  2018       849-6266

David Vincent, Sr.             2018        893-4677

Jacqui Hood                      2018        893-6310

Alan Parent                      2018        524-9069

Don Vickers                      2018        527-9704 

Ed Ballantyne                   2018         524-3881   

Tony Heinlein                   2018       524-5685

Craig Volatile-Wood          2018       524-2513

Georgia Bilodeau              2018      527-0313

Justin Holmes                  2018       782-5980 

Cheryl Letourneau, Clerk                524-3524