Volunteer Positions in Georgia Town Government

 The Town of Georgia frequently looks for qualified individuals to serve as Town Officers, or as members of the Commissions and Boards.  In addition, there are other positions, as well as special committees, which may be appointed by the Selectboard.  You may review the complete list of Town Officers in the Annual Town Report.

There are also other groups in Town who are always looking for volunteers.  If you are interested in getting involved, please click on the link below and fill out and return this form to the Town Administrator, Georgia Municipal Offices, 47 Town Common Road North, Georgia, VT 05478, or drop it off at the Town Offices during business hours.  Someone will follow up with you on the process.

Here is a List of the Commissions and Boards:

Town Offices                                         Other Community Groups: 

 ○ Board of Civil Authority                        ○ Community Relations Committee

○ Conservation Commission                    ○ Georgia Historical Society

○ First Response                                    ○ Georgia Lions Club

○ Georgia Industrial Development Corp     ○ Georgia Rummage Sale

○ Planning Commission                          ○ Meals on Wheels

○ Public Library Trustee                          ○ Memorial Day Parade Committee

○ Recreation Committee

○ Regional Energy Commission

○ Selectboard

○ Transportation Advisory Committee

○ Volunteer Fire Department

○ Zoning Board of Adjustment