Animal Control

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Animal Control in the Town of Georgia is for domestic animals only.  Any other animal issues should be directed to the appropriate official below.

The Town of Georgia has a leash law and dogs are not allowed at the Town of Georgia Beach and Recreation Area unless transported to and from a boat.


What do I do if my dog ran away?

Contact an Animal Control Officer (information on the right side of the page).  If your dog has been picked up by the Town of Georgia you will be given information as to the location of the dog.


Dog License

All dogs or wolf hybrids more than six months old shall be licensed by April 1st. Proof of rabies vaccination is required at the time of licensing.

  • Fees before April 1st: Spayed/Neutered Dogs: $9.00, Unspayed/Unneutered Dogs: $13.00
  • Fees after April 1st:  Spayed/Neutered Dogs: $11.00, Unspayed/Unneutered Dogs: $17.00

If you have previously licensed your dog, and no longer need to due to death or other circumstances, please contact us and let us know. 


Additional Contacts


Wild animal rabies concerns:   1-800-4-RABIES (1-800-472-2437) or 1-802-223-8690 or RABIES

Bat issues:  Vermont Bat Center

Vermont Fish and Wildlife:  802-828-1000 or WILDLIFE

Burlington Emergency Vet:  (802) 863-2387 or BEVS