Zoning Forms


Below are the forms for the Zoning Office.  Please fill out the Zoning Application first and submit it to the Zoning Administrator prior to filling out any additional forms.  The Zoning Administrator will then determine which forms are appropriate for the project and request for them to be filled out.  The Zoning office tries to turn around the applications within 1-2 days but does have up to 30 days to approve or deny an application.  Incomplete applications will be denied and returned for the required information.  All fees are due at the time the application is submitted.



For building permits, please use the appropriate fee from the fee schedule and the proper recording fee.  If you are unsure about the fees contact the Zoning Office and they can help with figuring out the final fees.


Poster / Appeal

If the project requires a "P" poster, please display the poster within view of the right of way so that any interested party can view the information.  The poster will need to remain up for the 15-day appeal period after which if there has not been an appeal the project may be started.


Occupancy Permit

An Occupancy Permit is required on all building permits to close out the permit at the end of the project.  The fee for the Occupancy Permit is collected at the time of the Building Permit.  Upon completion of the project, submit the Occupancy Permit to the Zoning Office either in person or through email.  The Zoning Administrator will then make sure all documents are submitted and if necessary perform an on-site inspection of the project.  Upon granting the permit, it will be recorded in the Town Clerks' office and mailed to the applicant. 


Certificate of Compliance 

The Certificate of Compliance is usually required at the time of sale to check for any outstanding zoning violations.  A violation might be for unpermitted projects on the property, no Occupancy Permit submitted after completion of a project or any other outstanding zoning violations.


Residential Building Energy Standards (RBES) 

The Vermont Residential Building Energy Standard (RBES) - 30 V.S.A. § 51 affects all new homes built after July 1, 1998. It is the energy code for all residential buildings 3 stories or less above grade in Vermont.  This is required for any project that will be heated.


Vermont Wastewater 

The Regional Office Program issues water/wastewater permits (WW Permits) for soil-based wastewater systems with flows of less than 6500 gallons per day, for potable water supplies (water supplies that are not public water supplies), and for municipal water and sewer connections. Permitting staff are located in five Regional Offices. Staff also administers the licensed designer program and reviews innovative and alternative systems for potential use in VT.


Wastewater systems prior to July 1, 2006, will not have permits on the State of Vermont website.