Forest Fire FAQ

How many days are permits good for?

Issue permits for specific days and places to avoid problems. Do not exceed two or three days for a standing permit. Fire Wardens may set specific written conditions of the permission to burn. If “special written conditions” are written on the permit, they become part of the permit and are enforceable.  


Are burn barrels illegal?

Traditional use of a burn barrel for purposes of burning trash is illegal. However, if someone was to burn clean natural vegetation in a barrel with a permit to kindle fire from the Town Forest Fire Warden, that would not be illegal.  


Is there a size limit to materials in a permitted fire?

There is no size limit for materials. However, larger fuels can create increased smoke creating a public nuisance that could violate air pollution control laws. Fire wardens can limit the size of fuels under the special conditions of the permit to kindle fire.   


Can a Fire Warden enter a property in the absence of the landowner to investigate an unpermitted open burning complaint?

A Fire Warden is obligated to investigate a wildland fire or a fire that is threatening wildland.  § 2644. Duties and powers of fire warden (a) When a forest fire or fire threatening a forest is discovered in his or her town, the town forest fire warden shall enter upon any premises and take measures for its prompt control, suppression, and extinguishment.