FP-005-23 SP-002-23 CU-004-23 Gamache

Project Status
DRB Review
Project ID
FP-005-23 SP-002-23 CU-004-23
Project Type
Final Plat
Date Received

147 Middle Road
Georgis, VT 05478
United States


Final Plat Review (FP-005-23), Site Plan Review (SP-002-23), and Conditional Use (CU-004-23) for Anthony and Lillian Gamache proposed 2-lot minor subdivision at 147 Georgia Middle Road Parcel ID# 109960000, AR-1 & AR-2 Zoning districts, 

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44.72181, -73.16578


Final Plat Review DRB meeting 111/21/2023 @ 7:00PM Georgia Town Offices