Request Tax Exempt Status

All tax exemption requests begin with the Assessor/Lister’s office. 

Non-profits or other organizations seeking tax exemption status must complete a questionnaire (link to the questionnaire below) which determines whether or not they are tax exempt.  If applicable and tax-exempt, the Assessors will process the change.

Please use this link to see the questionnaire: 

Form PVR 317

If the non-profit or other organization is not tax exempt as defined in State law (32 V.S.A. § 3802), then the applicant must request a Selectboard appearance to explain their request for tax exemption.  The Selectboard may then determine if the tax exemption question will be placed on the ballot to be voted on at Town Meeting Day in March. 

Should the ballot question pass, the remaining Town taxpayers are responsible for paying the education taxes owed to the state through a special adjustment to the tax rate known as the Local Agreement Rate.