Hunting & Fishing Licenses

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The Georgia Town Clerks office is a licensing agent for the State of Vermont and can sell Vermont Hunting Licenses.  Office hours are Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm.


General Requirements


An applicant for a hunting or combination license must present either:

  • A previous or current hunting license, combination license, or
  • current hunter safety certification card, from any state or Canadian province.

For those with a Vermont hunting or combination license, a copy of a previous year’s license can be obtained from Licensing at (802) 828-1190. A copy of a hunter education card can be obtained online or from Hunter Education at (802) 828-1193.

A person under age 16 must have his or her parent or guardian sign in the presence of an issuing agent to obtain a hunting license.


Archery License Requirements

To purchase an archery license a person must present either:

  • A certificate of satisfactory completion of a bow hunter education course in Vermont or another state or a province of Canada, or
  • An archery license from Vermont or another state or a province of Canada valid for any year, or
  • Other satisfactory proof that the applicant has held an archery license.

Trapping License Requirements

The law requires that an applicant for a trapping license must present either:

  • A previous or current trapping license from any state or Canadian province, or
  • A certificate showing satisfactory completion of a trapper education course, or
  • Other satisfactory proof is that the applicant has previously held a trapping license.



For a current list of fees:  Vermont License Fees



Printable applications are available at:  Applications